material: hand made and hand stamped ceramic tiles with studs/headpins that are all oxidized sterling 

These are the wonderful artists that are giving their talent and time to support Angel Flight - New Mexico Wing

material: propeller carved and mounted on a landscape made of sand paper

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#3  Amado Pena - The Herd

#17  John Hines -


#14  Diane Cutter - 

​Flurry of Wings

#25 Kristy Wiley -

Dream Big

#47  Daila Sells - Fly by Dai

# 48  Lexi Palmer - 


#49  Anonymous -

Tiny Dancer in the Sky

#26 Mark Jannakos, Maj, USAF Retired -

​Gee Bee's

#32  Melissa Moloney - 

New Mexico Sol 

In addition to the auction for the propellers above, these beautiful propellers will be raffled off!

#8  Carol Maestas - Mariposa

#16  Joan Fenicle -

​Fantasy in Flight

#50 Douglas Yazzie -

​Flight of Angels

material: string art (using nails and colored string) 

#19  Juan Wijngaard - Ariel

material: paper mache

#13  Dee Sanchez - 

​Sunflower Dance

#35  Natasha Rascon - Acoma Indian Style

material: carved propeller and wood burned

Flaminga Airheart birthed somewhere in the Pacific Islands shortly after July 2, 1937.  No one knows for sure.  Few understand how she morphed into a symbol of serious hilarity in contention for the Brew & Props 2017 auction to benefit Angel Flight.  As a fledgling, she intuited her Spirit number and adopted a habit of sporting a vintage leather aviator helmet and goggles wherever she went.  A marathon runner for many years, she hung up her tennies at the age of 73, bought “hightops” to support her ankles and invested in tulle-inspired ruffle anklets to wear on fishing trips.  For the past several months she has lived in the creative mind of her friend Patricia Moorman in Albuquerque.  Wherever she lives and forever and ever, Flaminga stands proudly with her tree and her propeller as a reminder of life in the islands.  She’s quite a woman!  Our Flaminga Airheart N916BL by Patricia Moorman.  

Miss Flaminga Airheart is approximately 4 feet tall and 4 week wide.  She is very lightweight.  She is not suitable for outdoors for long periods.  

#45 Trent Edwards -


#46  John Saunders - 

​Way Ahead and

Far Behind

#34 Richard Gomez -

Home Stead,

Sunset Wonders

#9  Chris Martinez - Hope in a Dark Place

#24  Krysteen Waszak - 

Magpie in the Sky

#30  Meg Leonard​ - Dreams Taking Flight

#40  Sherry Doil-Carter -

​As Above So Below

material: quilted fabric

#4  Allen Lowrey - 

Between Heaven and Earth

#43  Terry Brown - 

​Plains Tipis meet Adobe Pueblo

#37  Rebecca Dumas - Heads in the Clouds

501 c3 Organization

#1  Barbara Lewis & Jeanette Easley​ - Blue Sky Spirit Dancer

#6 Shane Acuff -

Time ~ Pressure ~ Beauty

#21  Karen Nelson - 

​Summer Garden

material: air brush

#10 Cindy Chavez - Star People

#38  Sally Bartos -

Lazy Day

#42  Gene Rinchik - Dawn Patrol

#18  Juan Morales - Detach

#20 Lynda Burd -

Georgia on my Mind

#2  Annie Hooten - 


#5 Vanessa Jackson -


#22  Kelli Hulslander -

Let Them Soar

#27 Marlene Ray -

Red or Green?

Why not both?

Sid LaJuenesse -

Christmas in New Mexico

#7 Fox Richards -

Grow Roots,

Then Wings

#36  Patti Farley -

I' ll Get Around To It

#28  Pat Moorman & Mary Ellen Merrigan - 

Flaminga Airheart

click on the underlined artist for their website, Facebook page or bio

#23  Kelly Butterman - 

Morning Air Current

material: painted with the addition of abolone shells

2017 Artists

#39 Sean Wells -

The Red Barron vs. Capt Rickenbacker

#33  Miguel Martinez -

​New Mexico Flavor

#11  Dan Scott Sells -

In Flight at Sunset

material: 3-sculpted buffalo heads coming out of the painted propeller.  ​The sculpture portion is hand sculpted one at a time, no casting, no duplication. Each piece is a one of a kind sculpture created using small pieces of an epoxy-based clay that adheres to the wood panel and to itself. The clay hardens within 4 hours so building up small pieces of clay I create a complete sculpture. Once the sculpture is hardened it is coated multiple times with a Copper and Zinc solution. This solution contains those metals and will patina (age itself) over time.

#41  Sid LaJuenesse - 

American Spirit

material: acrylic painted propeller

#31  Melba Bushmire -

Pot Power

material: propeller painted, wood burned and inlaid with turquoise

Juan Morales -

Sanoran Sunset

#15  Susie Reimer - 

B17 Nose Art

#12 Dave DeGeer -


#44  TJ Thompson - 

​Buffalo Wings